Portfolio > Vanity I - bathroom

Sometimes you start out with an idea for a project and you mold and shape that inspiration to suit your vision. On the other hand, a cohesive body of work can form when you realize you have a number of images you can put together to show how much you’ve grown; both artistically and through time.

This undertaking is the latter. Starting in my late teens, the use of the bathroom as a place to take self-portraits was mainly due to shyness and trying to keep my actions from the perceived ridicule of my family. I was just learning the basics of photography and locking the door to assure privacy allowed me to do whatever I wanted without the prying eyes of those around me. Later, it was a realization that just about every bathroom had a mirror I could shoot into and each one has its own unique personality through décor and space making the creative possibilities endless. I have expanded my concept throughout the years but the original inspiration has remained the same.