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I love rock and roll in all its forms. Loud, dirty, passionate, in your face, rock and roll. Landing in Worcester, MA in the mid-1990’s, I immediately immersed myself into the thriving music scene, and through my camera, began documenting the musicians, bands, and hanger-ons which surrounded me. As an homage to my new hometown, I decided to make this work city-centric. I also set up some personal ground rules:

1. The photos I was shooting for this series had to be created within the Worcester city limits.

2. The band had to “move” me in some way, either by stage presence or music alone.

I made this project my life, photographing groups up to five nights a week, for about six years. This work conveys that burst of energy I feel when a band hits the stage and the first guitar chords leave the amplifiers. The music and the people who create it, and the power of their performances, draw me in. I capture that intensity.